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The Team that Thrives Together...

Mobility is the modern trend for the global workforce, so intercultural teams are becoming less of a novelty and workforce mobility is becoming the status quo . More organizations than ever before are living out a day-to-day reality of face-to-face...

If we had the chance to do it over

Building a relationship of trust between different teams is difficult, and it takes practice. You can't change the past, but you can do better the next time.

Aligning Intercultural Teams, Part 2

For at least two decades, high-performance teaming and optimal alignment have been trending in the field of team leadership and development. Leaders who can align and motivate teams to perform effectively and efficiently are always going to be in high...

How to Promote Tolerance without Killing Creativity

Fostering a healthy culture on your team goes beyond promoting tolerance. We need management skills that are flexible enough to harness the beauty of tolerance in the workplace while avoiding its dangers.

ICI Practitioner Gathering – November 21, 2019

Another successful ICI Practitioner Gathering in the books! On Thursday November 21, 2019 nearly 30 ICI Practitioners and friends joined us in the KnowledgeWorkx office to catch up and hear what ICI is doing in the market.

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