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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 07:43

Assessments in IC Settings: Y/N? Part 3

Another reason why Inter-Cultural Intelligence matters!

Published in Personal Development
Sunday, 07 August 2016 00:01

Assessments in IC Settings: Y/N? Part 2

Again, comprehensive assessments can be useful tools! “Getting to the bottom of” your team, learning together what sort of strengths and focus areas might be influencing a team's performance both relationally and transactionally—these can be highly valuable exercises. But as useful as comprehensive assessments can be, they will inevitably cause challenges in intercultural contexts.

Published in Personal Development

KnowledgeWorkx provides this insightful and effective Specialized Workplace Learning Solution as we expand our partnership with Wiley to include this new program.

Published in News

Are assessments helpful? Does their helpfulness depend on what construct is being assessed—e.g., personality differences, behavior styles, strengths and focus areas, etc.? Can they be as beneficial in intercultural situations as they are in mono-cultural settings? How might Inter-Cultural Intelligence and an understanding of the Three Colors of Worldview inform how we create and administer assessments?

Published in Personal Development

This is part 2 in a series about Inter-Cultural Intelligence and Psychometric Tools. Part 1 is How to use psychometric assessments to provide a third voice in coaching.

Published in Global Intelligence

When used appropriately Psychometric Assessments can act as a neutral party, an impartial source of reference and feedback in an intercultural coaching journey. Part 2 of this article: How to use the third voice when coaching in an intercultural setting.

Published in Global Intelligence

KnowledgeWorkx is a leading provider of Wiley assessment tools, and we are excited to work with the third generation of Everything DiSC®.

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