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November 25, 2019

ICI Practitioner Gathering – November 21, 2019

ICI Practitioner Gathering – November 21, 2019

Another successful ICI Practitioner Gathering in the books! On Thursday November 21, 2019 nearly 30 ICI Practitioners and friends joined us in the KnowledgeWorkx office to catch up and hear what ICI is doing in the market.

We had five talks around a variety of topics from education to multi-national diversity and inclusion efforts with an audience from numerous backgrounds. It’s amazing to see how our ICI tribe continues to find new ways to create impact with the inter-cultural intelligence framework. We believe the limit of this powerful tool is our practitioner’s creativity.

In case you missed the event or maybe you are considering joining us for a certification here is a quick recap:

Helen Blankenburgh and Ruby Maxson, our youngest ICI Practitioners, gave the first talk of the day. Perspectives from Generation Z brought us new insight around the topic of Third Culture Kid’s and their cultural development. They also gave honest feedback around using ICI to navigate cultural differences among multiple generations within their families.

Matt Trenchard from Northpoint Academy brought us insights into using Inter-cultural Intelligence in Coaching. Matt, in his signature energetic manner, brought our attention to the need to become more introspective in our understanding. Both ICI and Coaching have this as a pivotal part of their growth journey. When you combine the two it creates deeply impactful processes. It was exciting to hear about Matt’s passion.

Marco then joined Matt to announce our partnership and launching of the Certificate of Intercultural Coaching (CIC) coming to market early 2020. We are excited to see this move forward. According to the International Coaching Federation more than 30% of coaches do so interculturally and we believe this new offering will help them to develop even better rapport with their clients.

Linda Berlot with Berlot Group , a company that specializes in team coaching, talked about Leveraging the Diversity in Multicultural Teams to Create More Unity and Collaboration. She used an interactive exercise demonstrating how teams work together and how important their cohesiveness is. Linda proved to us that ICI helps to activate the potential found in multicultural teams. This created a natural, but not intentional flow into our next talk.

Irada Aghamaliyeva spoke about her experience at Ernst and Young creating an inclusive environment at EY with the help of Three Colors of Worldview. She highlighted the impact of ICI on bringing together teams in the MENA region of EY to organically improve the performance. EY MENA is extremely diverse and ICI has helped them to tap into that powerful potential we know diversity brings.

Last, but certainly not least, Shelley Reinhart – the KnowledgeWorkx Director of Education, and Michael Bartlett – Senior Director of NGE Initiative gave the fifth talk, Inter-Cultural intelligence in Schools and Academic Institutions. As primary and secondary schools continue to grow in the diversity of their staff and student populations, they face a number of issues. Many of which stem simply from a lack of cultural understanding. KnowledgeWorkxED is helping schools improve and meet their KHDA objectives by giving them the ICI framework in a way that is applicable to the academic setting.

International Director and Founder of KnowledgeWorkx, Marco Blankenburgh announced a few of our new and upcoming offerings:

We thoroughly enjoyed all the conversations that took place around these topics as well as ones unlisted. When ICI practitioners come together it creates new dialogues and ideas. It strengthens our resolve to impact the world around us with deep understanding. We learn new ways to create new cultural spaces. Spaces that are Honorable, Empowering, and Do Right By their members

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