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  • A critical workshop for any one working and teaching in an intercultural context. Allowed me to learn tools to understand others' cultural identity constructions, but also – to critically examine my own.
    Dr. Deirdre McAlister, Faculty, Higher Colleges of Technology
  • This course should be a mandatory learning; first we need to better understand ourselves - to become better humans primarily. This course goes beyond office walls
    Praveen Narayan, Asst. Manager
  • Great revealing exercise. You are made aware of truth and allowed to find solution in more pragmatic way.
    Reckitt Benckiser Group
  • The entire course was an extremely positive experience. I was entirely engaged throughout the workshop. I found Marco to be an excellent facilitator, and strongly feel that the workshop has and will contribute – both personally and professionally – to my life ‘journey’
    Faculty, Higher Colleges of Technology
  • Eye opener to see things from a completely different angle/perspective I didn't know anything about
    Ernst & Young
  • A wonderful experience highlighted my understanding of diff cultures and how we can engage more effectively.
    Ernst & Young
  • Dynamic, Informing, Self-Discovery & Coaching.
    L. Rebec, Learning & Development, Louis Berger International
  • The knowledge and understanding gained has been vital in helping to manage a number of critical issues.
    Nic Labuschagne, Senior Director
  • This has given me the tools to make creating win-win inter-cultural success for my clients and their customers much more attainable.
    Jeremiah Cady, Business Development, Global Connections
  • This is a fantastic workshop which opens your eyes to a new world where we are constantly working in virtual teams across borders where language and intercultural knowledge is so essential that its helps you think twice before you act and work with teams virtually
    Ernst & Young
  • Marco is extremely knowledgeable and has a calm and logical way in directing the flow of the program. It was an outstanding day with great results for us as a team
  • The topic really resonates with me on a personal and professional level so being here was fun, exciting and a great learning.
  • A thought provoking course out of which I got more insight that I could imagine, including many solutions to past cultural problems.
    Hugh McElveen, Lecturer, Higher Colleges of Technology
  • ‘Before you can help others you first need to help yourself – this is a great starting point for that.'
    Armin Diemer, People & Change Consultant, KPMG, Bahrain
  • It’s relevance not just as course material but as life material.
    Faculty, Higher Colleges of Technology
  • Learning and understanding about yourself and other people is more important than just imagining who they are or who you are.
    Peter Kiema, Finance Assistant
  • This is one of the unmissable events for your organisation, that can have a profound impact on how you can work more effectively inter culturally. The resource materials provide a huge range of activities and approaches and are easy to use. The training is excellent and helps you reflect on how it can be embedded within your organisation to maximum effect.
  • ‘This workshop was a real eye-opener and will help me and my team to improve the quality of our trainings worldwide’
    Tanja Schmidt, Special Learning & Development, Qatar Airways
  • Provided insight and greater understanding of how individuals approach situations differently.
    Ernst & Young
  • The learning was so impressive. I loved looking at culture from a process viewpoint vs. the blueprint viewpoint.
    Ernst & Young
  • Life changing, easily apply-able methods of self and others empowerment
  • It’s a session which will add a lot of value to your cultural awareness even when you might think you have an open mind already. It makes you understand why others behave in certain ways even better and that there is no one right way. It’s a great experience just keep an open mind.
    Nada Zainal, GCC HRE Lead
  • “Very constructive! Helps you discover yourself in an extremely interesting and interactive way.”
    Maya Zeenny, Regional Medical and Trainiing Manager,
  • Something anyone, from any walk of life, should attend.
  • Made me think about interactions in a new way – made me consider how other points of view should be taken into consideration.
    Faculty, Higher Colleges of Technology
  • I found the Three Colors Framework insightful and Marco’s wealth of personal examples along with those of other participants really brought the content to life.
    Julie-Anne Johnston, HR Business Consultant, Ernst & Young
  • I think I have never been so eager to get back to work - in order to experience a new view on people and challenges. This eagerness has not faded away since January, in the contrary, it goes with me and keeps growing since then
    Ingrid Felber-Bischof, UBS
  • Very insightful & useful workshop that we can relate to our everyday life
  • Eye-opening, interactive, interesting, and eternally valuable
    Salwa Darraj, Associate Consultant
  • It was eye opening to learn the DiSC profile of myself and my team mates. Session helped us have a very honest conversation about team dynamics.
    Reckitt Benckiser Group
  • Great session! Very helpful to understand my worldview as well as others. Incredibly helpful in terms of my self-awareness and identifying my blind spots.
  • This workshop is transformational, helping me to be more adaptable in my interpersonal interactions.
    Eric McConnell, Recruiter, Ernst & Young
  • It opened my eyes, ear and heart to be more patient with people I deal with coming from different cultures
    Franz Silhanek, Vice President, Construction Specialties Middle East L.L.C.
  • The Intercultural awareness course is essential to built an inclusive environment within a diverse community, which will allow us to thrive and unite as a team to produce best results
    Eyad Haddad, Senior Consultant
  • The best training I have had since I joined the Corporate learning world.
    Ernst & Young
  • The ICI Certification gives participants tools to truly engage their own culture and to interact in the cultures of others.
    Josh, Program Officer
  • ICI provides a universal language for international organizations to thrive and be successful to empower, do right and bring honor into the world.
    Petra Duijzer, Game Designer, Creatief Success
  • This is something everyone working in this country should be exposed to – it’s not some niche subject!!
    Keith Yoder, English Language Teacher, UAE University
  • ‘DiSC & 3 Colors of Worldview provide a chance for fascinating personal growth and help to figure out how to be more useful for others’.
    UNICEF, Turkmenistan
  • This is a good framework that helps increase our social understanding of why our upbringing can lead to culturally diverse points of view, and why it is important for a firm like EY to embrace cultural awareness training for all our people
    Mark Chan, Ernst & Young
  • I experienced a real coaching opportunity with the tools and real experience to delve deeper into my and other experiences. Having to hear other people’s experiences, especially from the places/with the people that I’ve never met, helps to enrich the perspectives.
  • The challenging thought process this class presents is refreshing!
    Ernst & Young
  • “I have been to a lot of workshops as a nurse, but have never walked away feeling empowered and transformed just by the information that was shared.”
    Martha Borth, RN CNN, Charge Nurse, Home Hemodialysis Clinic
  • Thank you so much, this workshop has really brought huge clarification to intercultural interactions!
    Ernst & Young
  • Very insightful, combining both a real-life card simulation and analysis of personal attitudes. Subsequently provided very strong developmental advice which was excellent.
    Ernst & Young
  • Very enlightening – a great way to conceptualize and understand human behaviours and drivers.
    Seshni Samuel, Managing Partner, Talent Ernst & Young, EMEIA
  • These are very powerful tools to be used to improve yourself at a personal level and as an organization
    Abeer Sharaf, General Manager, Ways International.
  • This training let me experiment a sense of wonder of learnt a tool of how to build bridges and create a third space in a international field with all its complexities and colors. I cannot imagine personal success in a international approach without this training.
  • Highly relevant, insightful and beneficial training for EY and our clients. It undoubtedly enhances attendees' cultural behavior awareness and knowledge. As a result, it provides motivation and techniques to enhance personal flexibility to ensure communications are always well received by all audiences.
    Thomas Silvester, Advisory Senior Manager, Ernst & Young
  • ICI Certification is for people who want to really engage the world instead of just living in it.
    Roy Smith, President, Sophos Consulting FZC
  • The content is very rich, metaphors used were excellent, the videos and the exercises also above all Marco was excellent and very engaging
  • An insightful and interesting programme that gives you that ‘lightbulb’ moment each day
    Ian Murray, Operations Manager, Protraining
  • Each person and every contribution was adding enriching facettes to my own and our shared learning process. Learning contents and methodology were in accordance with each other: Everyone was honored, empowered, and no one was "wrong".
  • Extremely informative, challenging, thought – provoking. Really enjoyed the relational aspects of workshop design.
  • DiSC methodology was eye opening; Bringing focus to the discussion
    Reckitt Benckiser Group
  • The ICI Certification was an inspiring workshop especially considering that I once was an individual who adopted a monocultural impression/lens if the world.
    Lecturer, Higher Colleges of Technology
  • Eye-opening, and this created so much self-awareness that I have at least a year's full of follow up. This will stick with me for life!
  • As an Intercultural person, the 3 Colors brought huge clarification to situations I lived in an intuitive way. I now am capable to explain & analyze. Thanks!
    Ernst & Young
  • A very insightful session. The concepts are new yet useful and will be helpful for the wider team when delivered in the home offices. It will benefit attendees on both personal and professional levels.
  • I’ve been working inter-culturally for more than 30 years and realize I still have so much more to learn.
    Jon Hargreaves
  • ICI makes you a brighter light in the world
    Vivien Wang, Government and Project Director of TAC Shenyang
  • The discussions were insightful and helped bring the concepts to life. A unique take on culture and viewpoints.
    Ernst & Young
  • In this workshop, I feel like my personality & the way I view the world has completely positively changed’.
    Shaimaa Ali, L & D Specialist, Emirates
  • A well-guided process to help us think through the different aspects of a successful global team should be like & could be like.
    Maclellan Foundation Inc.
  • ICI is the biggest breakthrough in inter-cultural analysis for at least three decades and stands out from all other concepts by being so practical to apply with clients.
    Nicolai Tillisch, The Leadership Circle
  • It gave me an insight into myself and more importantly how to deal with others through the DiSC profile.
    Sharon Dhaliwal, Principal Consultant, Engaged Potential
  • The session gave the participants the opportunity to understand different cultural type of group of people and the practical examples of how to deal with each type of cultural personality.
    Ernst & Young
  • This ICI training opens yours eye to see a bigger & clearer picture of the world. The tools give very practical help to building stronger inter-cultural teams and short-circuit potential problems.
  • This class offers real practical tools for gaining a deeper understanding of how to best lead effectively in a multi-cultural world.
  • Ability to spend dedicated time with colleagues exploring both the KnowledgeWorkx material and planning how to embed it into our organization. The whole experience was incredibly positive, from the excellent training by Marco through to the networking and social time.
  • Very helpful & practical content that is immediately applicable to my context & team. Enjoyable, inspiring, mind-stretching, fun & relevant.
  • This session had the power to influence people in a manner that will positively impact all spheres of their lives.
    Hiermona Tesfamicael, Talent Developing Project Manager, Ernst & Young
  • Revolutionary way of finally ‘seeing’ what we have been looking at for ‘so long’. After 4 years in corporate industry in UAE, I have words now to describe what we experience culturally.
    Shelly Bibby, Director of Operations, Construction Specialities
  • I highly recommend the KnowledgeWorkx workshop for teams of people from multiple cultures. It allowed me to appreciate differences and also see similarities in outlook that I had never seen before.
    Lee Behar, Strategy Director, Maclellan Foundation Inc.

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