Create greater excellence in your school through more effective cross-cultural communication.

The Challenge

As International Schools, we have the privilege of joining every child in understanding the world through the most diverse classrooms that have ever been. Understanding ourselves and our world is foundational to an international education, yet the competencies involved are often seen as cursory to the traditional skill sets and standards (for example literacy and numeracy) that our students are measured by.

Intercultural complexity demands a new genre of IQ: Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) is hitting the corporate marketplace, and international schools must keep up with the demand. Global leaders must be raised up in learning communities and families where a new level of international mindedness is embedded in the DNA of their socio-emotional and intellectual development. Most international schools are aware of this trend and have mission statements to this point but actualization is complex and a current challenge if we are honest with ourselves.

The Solution

KnowledgeWorkxED is a dynamic team of educators who specialize in building Inter-Cultural Intelligence competencies and the leadership skills needed for today’s international schools.

We provide a tailored program to equip your senior leadership team, staff and students with life-changing strategies enabling your school to be set apart as a thriving inter-cultural learning community. Our role is to empower schools to build a community that benefits from Inter-Cultural Intelligence to create a high-quality, truly global and reputable international school where young leaders are taught, trained and ushered into top universities, careers and the global marketplace.

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