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February 27, 2014

What’s so Special about a KnowledgeWorkx Everything DiSC Certification?

What’s so Special about a KnowledgeWorkx Everything DiSC Certification?

How we use Everything DiSC, Team Dimensions, & Time Mastery

Over the three days of a KnowledgeWorkx Everything DiSC Certification, we weave Everything DiSC®, Team Dimensions, & Time Mastery into a collage that allows you to see what a powerful combination they are for holistic people development, recruiting, relationship-centric selling, and motivate-management.

About DiSC

The Everything DiSC, Team Dimensions, & Time Mastery tools are well established–but not static. They have been refined, improved, and proven their value. Globally more than 50 million people have been exposed to it, and Wiley (formally Inscape Publishing) is one of the most well-known and trusted DiSC service providers.

As the development of DiSC has kept pace with the needs of today’s world, it is exciting to become equipped to use them as a tool and your enabler as a professional. Everything DiSC, Team Dimensions, & Time Mastery have many application areas: any HR professional, any leader, any person in sales, negotiations, handling conflict, mediation, in the field of psychology, career counselling, or regular counselling, and coaching should be exposed to similar tools.

Everything DiSC used in combination with Team Dimensions is a powerful tool for recruiting. It helps you find what gaps there are on your team and then allows you to identify who should be on your team. When interviewing and team building, it adds psychometric rigour to your observation and gut feel.

Speed-Reading DiSC profiles boosts trust-based, relationship-centric selling.

Relational Sales, Trust Based Selling, and Customer-Centric sales all need a process to quickly read the customer and adjust your sales approach, and a speed-reading process comes part and parcel of DiSC. Speed-reading can be done on the fly and it is a lot of fun to do with Everything DiSC. It doesn't take very long to learn that technique, but when you learn it is absolutely invaluable to putting the customer at the centre and taking trust-based, relationship-centric selling seriously.

Understanding your DiSC & Team Dimensions profile is crucial for motivate-leadership and motivate-management.

In leadership you can only motivate your staff if you first have the capacity first to understand yourself. What makes you tick? What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you lead based on your personality? What team roles do you thrive on?

If you are a leader and want to fine-tune your leadership, then knowing your Everything DiSC profile and how to discover the profile of your team members, as well as knowing your Team Dimensions profile and doing a Team Dimensions analysis is invaluable. Everything DiSC and Team Dimensions are not just for HR training or L&D practitioners: they are pertinent for people in leadership, and anyone that is managing a team. Take a look at our article on leveraging the 'Z' Process in teams for one example of how they can be used.

Designed to let you look at holistic development in a real and tangible way.

“Holistic Development” is a word that has been used often, but is hard to find in practice. Real holistic people development can only be achieved if you start turning on a variety of spotlights on individuals: from emotional intelligence to team behaviour, personality, and how you handle time and how you handle projects.

By turning on this selection of spotlights, you have the information you need to look at holistic people development in a way that is actually meaningful, and practical for the individual.

Together, Everything DiSC, Team Dimensions, & Time Mastery give a rich dataset and deep insights into individuals and teams. But we have also designed Dr. Gustav Gous’s diamond profiling model into the certification, and use the same methodology in L&D Strategy and competence development.

The KnowledgeWorkx way of facilitating a session based on Everything DiSC, Team Dimensions, & Time Mastery brings with it a powerful holistic people development philosophy.

Over three days, you will be exposed to a revolutionary way of thinking about people development that has proven to be the best way for understanding people development in inter-cultural setting.

Having seen the benefits of the certification, we would love to see you join an upcoming DiSC, Team Dimensions, & Time Mastery Certification Program where we have three days set aside to journey together through discovering and applying these three tools.

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